Mission Statement

The South Carolina Numismatic Association is dedicated to the promotion and the advancement of the knowledge of numismatics; to assist in bringing about better cooperation between all persons interested in the science; to promote greater popular interest in the field of numismatics in the state covered by such an organization of coin collectors and interested parties through closer relations with one another, and to promote friendly feeling for one another through social activities and the interchange of ideas and discussions of mutual interest.


Elections for officers of the SCNA are held annually via mail-in ballots distributed to members in good standing. Elected board members serve for a term of two years, after which they may choose to run again. Executive officers such as President, Vice-President, Secretary, etc., serve a term of one year and are voted on annually.

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Current Bylaws


Code of Ethics

A Member must agree to comply with the following standards of conduct:

  • To support and be governed by the By- Laws of the Association and by any other rules, policies and regulations as may be adopted from time to time by the Executive Board.
  • To conduct his/her self so as to bring no reproach or discredit to the SCNA, or impair the prestige of its membership.
  • To conduct all numismatic dealings in a just, fair and moral manner and to make no false statements as to the condition of a numismatic item (altered, counterfeit, or otherwise) or in any other matter.
  • To neither buy or sell numismatic items of which the ownership is not clear.
  • To abide by all local, state and federal laws in all numismatic matters and to assist in the prosecution of violators of such laws.
Any violation of this Code will be grounds for expulsion from SCNA under its then current rules.
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