SCNA NEWS - Two stories



TO:  South Carolina Numismatic Association member clubs
FROM:  South Carolina Numismatic Association Board of Directors
RE:  Prosecution of shoplifting incidents at member club coin shows

DATE:  6 May 2014


It has come to the attention to the South Carolina Numismatic Association (SCNA) Board of Directors that numerous incidents of shoplifting at coin shows in South Carolina and across the United States have been increasing in number and in value of products taken.  It is imperative that all SCNA member clubs be vigilant with security and to encourage all dealers and Bourse chairs to pursue prosecution of shoplifters.


One of the SCNA’s roles is to inform member clubs of any events of robberies and shoplifting so to keep the Bourse chairs and hired security aware of possible criminal activity that has occurred.  When shoplifters are prosecuted, a public record is created for the arrest, along with the location and date of the incident that the SCNA can pass along to other clubs via email or posting on our website,


If no prosecution is pursued and the alleged shoplifter is set free, then the SCNA does not have the legal standing to share this information with its member clubs.  While the SCNA realizes that not all dealers wish to return to a show site to pursue a prosecution, it is up to the Bourse chairs to encourage the prosecution of the shoplifter.  This will serve as a deterrent to the offender and allow SCNA member clubs to be aware of criminals that may wish to attend their shows.



Want $250 for your club?

This year the SCNA Convention will again host the annual exhibits program for YN’s and Adults. 


However, we are adding a SCNA Club Exhibit Program.

The SCNA Club Exhibit Program is easy!  Your club must register its exhibit before Oct 1, 2014.  You may use 1 or 2 cases provided by the SCNA or bring your own.  Each club must build its exhibit around a central theme.  This year’s theme is “Numismatics in South Carolina”.  You may use coins, currency and tokens in your exhibit from members of your club only.  All items must have a South Carolina place of interest associated with them.  Judging will be by popular vote of the public attending the convention.  Any items within the exhibit that do not have a South Carolina place of interest associated with them will result in the disqualification of the exhibit.  Set up is Thursday from 5PM till 9PM and Friday from 8 AM until Noon.  Voting will continue thru Saturday.  The winning exhibit will be announced at the SCNA Awards Breakfast on Sunday morning.  This is a club event.  We highly encourage each club to pool their club resources and member collections together for this event.  The winning club will receive a check for $250.00 to use however they wish.  Be the first SCNA club to win this inaugural event!   Any questions contact Randy Clark Exhibits Chair